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Heartache2Hope is a new Halton community organization that offers support to individuals who have experienced a suicide loss. It was founded in 2014 by Flavia Ceschin, who recognized the unique needs of individuals grieving a suicide death and the lack of supportive resources for them in our community.

Professionals, who volunteer their services, lead the supportive and educational programs. Program leaders are all experienced in group facilitation and grief support as well as being specially trained in suicide loss support group facilitation.  Program development and clinical team members include Peggy McGillicuddy (M.Ed.), Bev Wilson (B.A, R.N.), and Nina Menrai (MBA).

A suicide death stuns those left behind, not only leaving them grieving an unexpected death, but also leaving them feeling confused and lost. Family members and friends are deeply impacted by a suicide loss and experience a range of complex emotions that may include guilt, anger, abandonment, denial, helplessness, and shock. The stigma that still casts a shadow over suicide deaths, the shame and blame family members feel, and other people’s uncertainty in how to offer support and their reluctance to reach out and support the suicide bereaved combine to make the underlying structure of grief for survivors of suicide loss complicated.

With this in mind, H2H has launched its pilot program in the Fall of 2014. Our goal is twofold: to meet the needs and break the isolation of individuals who have experienced the death of a loved one by suicide, and to offer education that strives to increase public awareness and understanding of suicide loss. In doing so we hope to break the silence of suicide loss.

Our  Suicide Loss Support Groups  provide a safe, confidential place where people coping with suicide loss can share their experiences and feelings while giving and receiving support from each other.  Though we honor each person’s story as unique, we believe there is great strength to be gained from sharing the journey with others.


Are you grieving a suicide loss? Contact us for support.